Planting Seeds

This TLEF-funded project will help UBC-wide faculties create inclusive writing experiences in their courses and classrooms.

“Planting Seeds” is the latest initiative by JWAM that is designed to improve inclusivity at and beyond UBC. It is led by Drs. Laila Ferreira (principal investigator), Katja Thieme, and Rebecca Carruthers Den Hoed from the Writing, Research, and Discourse Studies (WRDS) unit in JWAM, and Vantage College’s Jennifer Walsh Marr.

By building a set of resources that can be seamlessly incorporated into existing lessons, “Planting Seeds” will meet the varied needs of faculty members teaching in disciplines across UBC. The project also helps the university achieve its goals regarding EDI, anti-racism, and Indigenization as outlined in the Indigenous Strategic Plan, and StEAR framework.

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