Learning Research, Learning Reciprocity

The Learning Research, Learning Reciprocity: Student Community Engagement with the Making Research Accessible Initiative project puts undergraduate work at the centre of a multidirectional knowledge exchange, involving Downtown Eastside (DTES) communities, community-engaged researchers, librarians, and instructors in the Faculty of Arts.

Students will create multimedia summaries of research articles relevant to DTES communities in an authentic editing and publishing process, receiving direct feedback from participating researchers. Researcher-approved multimedia summaries will be published via the DTES Research Access Portal. In turn, DTES communities will provide input on what makes these summaries effective and useful.

This small TLEF-funded project, led by ed by Evan Mauro (CAP) and Kirby Manià (WRDS), builds on a pilot collaboration between Coordinated Arts Program instructors and the Making Research Accessible Initiative, in which first-year students make infographic summaries of DTES-relevant research articles. Funding will allow us to expand the scope of this project, while venturing beyond infographics into other multimedia genres.

Students will learn the key contours of community-based scholarship, and centre ethical community relationships in their understanding of how knowledge is made.

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