Faculty and students in the School of Journalism, Writing, and Media, are actively involved in numerous research projects. Browse and discover some of their work.

Arctic Journalism

The Arctic Journalism project investigates how journalists are adapting to new norms and practices in the Canadian Arctic.

Global Journalism Innovation Lab

The Global Journalism Innovation Lab is a joint project that seeks to provide evidence-based information to inform public dialogue and policy action.

The Global Reporting Archive

The Global Reporting Archive is a collection of videos from major journalism projects produced by UBC journalism students in countries around the world.

Hidden Costs of Supply Chain

The Hidden Costs of Global Supply Chains is a research and reporting project that aims to reveal the consequences of global supply chains.

Knowledge Production Practices by Multilingual Scholars Across the Disciplines

This project explores the under-researched context of Latin America.

Mental Health on Campuses

The project considers efforts to tackle mental health challenges that exist on post-secondary campuses.

Student Peer Feedback and Metalanguage

This project assesses students’ use of metalanguage in several courses and proposes ways in which instructors can better teach it.

Trans Identities in Research on Gender Recognition Software

This project investigates the language of facial recognition research publications, particularly if and how they mention non-binary gender, gender non-conformity, and gender transition.

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