Explore the role of writing and communication in making knowledge, shaping identity, and mobilizing power.

Program Overview

The new Minor in Writing and Communication is a theoretically-grounded, skills-based program that provides students the chance to deepen their understanding of communication as learned in their Major and build communication expertise that sets them up for success in their field and beyond.

The Minor helps students gain confidence with writing and communication in their own disciplines and in other academic, professional, cultural, and public contexts. Students learn foundational principles of writing and communication and apply their learning to reach new audiences, use different communication technologies and forms, and shape, share, and transform knowledge across diverse communities and ways of knowing.

Ask challenging questions; Make a difference. 

The Minor places students at the forefront of scholarly and public work exploring the role of writing and communication in perpetuating inequalities and enacting change. Students think critically about how writing and communication shape what people think, feel, and do — and can be used to further the work of anti-racism, decolonization and reconciliation, anti-ableism, and knowledge justice.

Tackle compelling projects; Learn by doing.

The courses offered in the Minor provide students with opportunities to apply their learning and hone their skills, producing a range of genres — from social media and inclusively designed infographics to multimedia presentations and scholarly papers — to reach many different audiences. Students showcase their work in a digital portfolio — crafted at the end of the program in a transformative capstone course that markets their skills beyond UBC.

WRDS Minor infographic

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Degree Requirements

To complete the Minor, students need to take one 200-level foundations course (WRDS 200), one 400-level capstone course (WRDS 400), and two 300 and 400 level WRDS courses. Students pursuing the Minor will also be required to take nine credits from a long list of suitable courses. Courses can be taken in any order, but it is advised that WRDS 200 be taken at the beginning and WRDS 400 be taken at the end of the program.

Who can take these courses?

The Minor is open to students from across campus and is a flexible, low-barrier program with few pre-requisites and many course options to choose from.

Course Descriptions

WRDS currently offers nine courses covering various topics related to the exploration of writing and communication practices: WRDS 200, WRDS 350, WRDS 360, WRDS 370, WRDS 390, WRDS 400, WRDS 450, WRDS 498, & WRDS 499. For detailed information on the courses click the link below.

Declaring a Minor

To earn this minor, you must complete 21 credits following the Degree Requirements listed above. Click on the links below for specific instructions on how to declare your minor according to your degree.