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The UBC School of Journalism Students Association (SJSA) aims to provide our members with the best student experience possible through social activities, peer support, and advocacy for student rights.

SJSA Leadership Team

Curtis Seufert (they/them)

Curtis enters the 2nd year of the UBC J-school with a passion for local news and community building, with a focus on sharing new perspectives and ways of thinking. Despite their experience in journalism being mostly artist profiles with Vancouver’s The/La Source newspaper, Curtis originally expected to go into journalism school to learn how to cover broader, more nationally polarizing topics like political radicalization and misinformation.

But in their first year with the J-School, they realized they wanted to focus on covering issues closer to home, including under-discussed city policies that affect Vancouver’s residents in tangible ways. And after an internship with the Burnaby Beacon over the summer, they are more sure than ever that local journalism with a real focus on the community is the way forward.

As SJSA president, they’re hoping to bring that same desire for fostering community, helping students to share their voice on what matters to them, and to lead a passionate SJSA team for a year of excellent events and connections.

Overall, they’re excited for all the journalistic and student opportunities in the year to come!

Bridget Stringer-Holden (she/her)


First-year MJ student, drawn to journalistic endeavours from a young age — starting a school newspaper in Grade 6 and hosting and producing her own francophone tv show in high school.

During her undergrad — where she graduated as valedictorian and with the Dean's Award of Excellence in Communication Studies and Business Administration — Bridget worked her way from contributor to News Editor at the school paper and joined a variety of other clubs and associations.

Bridget hopes to pursue a career in either daily news or investigative journalism, with an environmental focus that also gives voice to underrepresented communities.

In her free time, you’ll find her knitting and crocheting more blankets and stuffed animals than can possibly fit on her shelves and visiting her parents on the Sunshine Coast.

She encourages current students, alumni and prospective students to reach out at

Karla Jubaily (she/her)

Karla Jubaily is a first-year Master of Journalism student with a particular curiosity in human interest stories. She graduated from UBC in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts degree specializing in Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice. Her writing and research are driven by her Lebanese and Filipino heritage and community-centred journalism.

Why did she choose journalism? First and foremost, she is nosey… But on a serious note, Karla grew up seeing the press perpetuate harmful stereotypes about her communities by journalists who were not a part of those communities. She has found her passion in storytelling agency and the reclamation of personal narratives. “Nothing about us, without us!”

When Karla is not writing or researching, she is either watching very bad reality TV (90-day fiancé, love is blind, jersey shore family vacation), learning Arabic, or having brunch with her mom! She lives with the sweetest 10-year-old german shepherd named Bella who she has grown up with.

If you are a current student, alumni, or prospective student, feel free to reach out to Karla by email at Karla shares the food she cooks/eats and random things on Twitter and Instagram.

Michelle Gomez (she/her)

Michelle Gomez is a second year student in the Master of Journalism program who is passionate about local news. She's a web writer at CBC Vancouver and occasionally dabbles in radio and TV news. Outside of school and work she loves travelling, skiing, dancing, and sailing. She's excited to plan some events for her fellow students this year as the SJSA's Events Coordinator.

Bhagyashree Chatterjee (she/her)

Bhagyashree Chatterjee is a Canada-based Indian Journalist and PR/Marketing Specialist. She is a co-founder of the startup called 'Phool Patte' and a founding member of 'The Film Appreciation Society' of Hindu College, University of Delhi. Bhagyashree is an advocate for social and environmental justice.

She has over 4 years of leadership experience as a collaborator and coordinator, and expertise in community engagement and team lead. She has worked with the Government of India in different capacities and is currently pursuing her Master's in Journalism.

Tanushi Bhatnagar (she/her)

Journalism student; Part-time perfectionist; Sushi enthusiast. 

That is how you would describe Tanushi Bhatnagar in three phrases. Tanushi decided to be a journalist when she was in grade 6 - all because of a weekly feature magazine. Today she holds a degree in mass communication, another in broadcast journalism and now is pursuing her third at UBC's SOJ. Her experience in the media realm ranges from writing daily news to cinema reviews to podcast production. Through her stories, she aims to bring to light social and cultural issues through reportage on art, culture, and cinema. 

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