New JWAM Assistant Professors of Teaching

The School of Journalism, Writing, and Media is very pleased to welcome two Assistant Professors of Teaching to our Arts Studies in Research and Writing division, Dr. Rebecca Carruthers den Hoed and Dr. Laila Ferreira.

Dr. Rebecca Carruthers Den Hoed holds a PhD in Communication Studies, with a focus on critical discourse studies, from the University of Calgary, where she also taught in the Department of Communication, Media, and Film, and comes to UBC from her position as a Senior Instructor in the Academic Writing Program at the University of Lethbridge. Dr. Carruthers Den Hoed specializes in academic writing across the disciplines, rhetorical history and theory, and science and health communication, and analyzes academic discourse and how it is used in scholarly debates about knowledge and truth and in media debates about good citizenship and “right” living. Her current work focuses on how academic discourse is used in media debates about the “right” way to supply and eat food, and on debates about ‘wild’ vs ‘domestic’ food in global food systems and how these foods are moralized and legitimized through academic discourse. She is excited to be joining the School of Journalism, Writing, and Media Studies. See Dr. Carruthers Den Hoed’s full bio here.

Dr. Laila Ferreira holds a PhD from UBC’s Department of English Language in Literatures at UBC, and brings an interdisciplinary approach to the teaching and learning of academic discourse and communication. A faculty member in Arts Studies in Research and Writing since 2010, Dr. Ferreira also teaches in Vantage College, and has participated in cross-campus initiatives related to innovative pedagogy, the first-year student experience, and inclusive teaching and course design.  Her pedagogical practice and research is informed by her background in print culture and interest in how media and communication processes intersect with human sensation, perception, and understanding. Dr. Ferreira’s current research in writing studies is a co-developed project on the language of gender in research writing on facial recognition software. See Dr. Laila Ferreira’s full bio here.