Internship Spotlight: Juliana Konrad

Juliana Konrad, a 2nd-year Master of Journalism student, secured her 2023 summer internship at CBC’s Toronto Newsroom, where she served as an associate chase producer for their esteemed national current affairs radio program, The Current.

Motivated by the network’s expansive opportunities and her familial ties to Ontario, Konrad shared that the application was a rigorous three-step process. Still, she was driven by her desire to contribute to CBC’s mission of public service journalism.

As a chase producer for The Current, Konrad pitched compelling story ideas, conducted in-depth research, booked guests and crafted insightful scripts for the show’s host. She also recorded and edited audio segments and navigated deadlines with finesse, embodying the essence of journalistic rigour.

Juliana Konrad, Master of Journalism student, JWAM

Konrad attributed the Integrated Journalism course (JRNL 515), a mandatory year-long first-year course, to preparing her for the internship. Course material included the fundamentals of storytelling, writing for deadlines and interviewing sources.

“All these skills were used daily in the newsroom at CBC. Having a good grasp on them meant I could spend less time learning the ropes of The Current and more time actually producing stories,” shared Konrad.

Through her internship, Juliana cultivated diverse skills, ranging from guest booking to agile pitch development. Embracing the challenge of rapid news consumption, she emerged as a confident and resourceful journalist, adept at navigating the intricacies of deadline-driven environments.

““Be confident in your skills as a young journalist - whether it’s ideas for a story pitch or angle, or coming up with questions for interviews - and show those working around you that you care about the story. You’re capable.””
Master of Journalism student, JWAM

“It’s always frustrating when the idea of the segment you have in your head doesn’t line up with the outcome, especially if it’s one you’ve pitched and are passionate about. We still ended up with great guests and produced a great show that I’m still really proud of. And in daily news, things move so fast that it’s impossible every segment you produce is going to be perfect! You’ve gotta learn from it, and move on to the next,” said Konrad.

There was also a lot of room for mentorship from seasoned professionals at CBC. Collaboration and guidance from senior producers and peers alike fostered her professional growth, underscoring the significance of collective knowledge-sharing within the journalistic community.

Konrad’s proudest moment stemmed from her proactive initiative in pitching, producing and writing a piece on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its impact on Arctic research. “As someone who is interested in reporting on international relations, the environment and climate change, and human rights, this story was extremely important to me. And, thanks to The Current, I was able to share it with a national audience!” said Konrad.

Her advice for journalism students looking to pursue an internship at CBC or similar media outlet is to not be afraid to ask for advice. “When you enter the industry, most people around you are going to have years of experience and knowledge on you, and it’s easy to feel like you don’t deserve to be there. Lean on them and learn from their experience and don’t be afraid to ask for help or guidance, but know you made it in the door for a reason,” shared Konrad.

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