Learn how to write and conduct research across multiple academic disciplines while fulfilling your UBC writing requirements.

Writing Across the Disciplines

At the School of Journalism, Writing, and Media, we use an approach called, “Writing Across the Disciplines” (WAD). Our approach introduces students to the disciplinary culture, as well as the research and writing styles of subjects of interest to multiple Faculties. This involves identifying common features of academic knowledge-making, dissemination, and comparing disciplinary practices of research and writing.

We also incorporate similar approaches which include “Writing in the Disciplines” (WID) and “Writing to Learn” (WTL). WTD teaches students the conventions and practices of a particular academic discipline while WTL uses writing tasks to consolidate subject-matter learning within a particular discipline. Our combined methodology prepares our students for writing and research through their university careers, regardless of their academic focus.

Writing Studies

Taking WRDS 150 significantly changed my perspective on academic research. I was exposed to scholarly articles that explored various issues in international development, hence getting a head-start on the questions I would face as an international economics student.

Tony O.
WRDS 150 Student

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