WRDS Conference Blog Spotlights Exemplary Undergraduate Projects

WRDS, as part of the School of Journalism, Writing, and Media, teaches over 5,000 students every year in up to 200 sections of the flagship course: WRDS 150. Instructors also teach WRDS 350, a course devoted to more advanced scholarly research and cultivating students’ discipline specific academic writing.

WRDS 150 is aimed at introducing students to the culture of academic research and writing, while WRDS 350 builds on their base understanding of scholarly research and discourse. Each student produces a project, usually in the form of a research paper or a literature review, submitted at the end of the term.

The WRDS Conference is an annual undergraduate conference that showcases the very best student projects, usually in the form of conference presentations or as posters.

The event gives students practice in the conference genre and rewards them for their term-long efforts by giving them much-deserved recognition.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, outstanding students were offered the opportunity to present their work in the form of profiles on a conference blog. The profiles contain information on students and their projects and continues the tradition of celebrating the best of student work in the course.

Students from various departments and Faculties came together to publish projects on a wide range of topics, from social media and visual arts to psychology and sociology.

Some of the titles published include “Self-control in Flow States,” “The Social Plague: Analyzing the Rise of Cancel Culture,” “Far from a Fairy Tale: Struggles of Working Women in Korean Dramas,” and “New Age Spirituality as a Response to Colonial Confusion.”


Stay tuned for more exciting student work to be posted on the conference blog.