UBC School of Journalism, Writing, and Media Public Statement (in relation to anti-Asian hate and violence)

The UBC School of Journalism, Writing, and Media expresses its solidarity with Asian communities on campus and worldwide, who are reeling from the recent hate crime in Atlanta, and the dramatic rise of anti-Asian violence in particular and ongoing oppressive behaviours towards Black, Indigenous, and all People of Colour.  

Our School is committed to anti-racist action and to calling out hate. We believe journalists and scholars play an important role in addressing troubling trends like racism and xenophobia. 

In our Canadian context, the School acknowledges the long history of anti-Asian discrimination and violence. Our work involves telling stories and making visible that history and its implications. We are committed to an ongoing effort towards confronting and dismantling the systemic racism that produces these crimes. 

We commit to continuing our efforts to call out racism, misogyny, and homophobia, and all forms of hate, and to create an inclusive environment. Our School actively works to be an anti-racist space. We join President Santa Ono in his call to “stand together to reject violence and indeed racism & intolerance of any kind.”

Recognizing that students may need additional support because of these circumstances, we note the following virtual and in-person campus resources: 

UBC Student Health

UBC Wellness Centre

UBC Student Assistance Program

AMS Peer Support