The STEM Writing Resources for Learning’s (ScWRL) revamped site now live

We are announcing the launch of the new version of STEM Writing Resources for Learning (ScWRL), a website for students and educators in STEM disciplines (and beyond!). On ScWRL you’ll find a wealth of student and instructor resources for STEM communication learning and teaching.

With funding from UBC Open Educational Resources, this project, which significantly expands and updates the original Science writing site, was led by JWAM’s very own WRDS (Writing, Research, and Discourse Studies) faculty and staff, in collaboration with Science writing, the Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication, and Skylight.

The original SCWRL site was developed with science students and instructors in mind. Since most faculties require students to complete writing/communication courses within their first years of study, the new ScWRL site meets the greater need for free and easily accessible resources on writing and research across STEM disciplines.

The STEM Writing Resources provide students with tools to supplement their writing and communication learning in the classroom. Topics include communication, features of academic research writing, academic integrity, and writing tips and strategies. The instructor resources cover strategies for teaching writing, providing feedback, lesson plans, activities, assignments, grading techniques and podcasts.

To read more about this project, click here.